The Treat Your Customers Are Begging For!

Chip’s Naturals line of treats satisfies the popular demands of retailers and customers. Every ingredient used is pure, natural and sourced in America. Our production process involves healthy dehydration mixed with paramount quality ingredients to yield the treats that every dog craves.

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Our “Original” Doggie Chicken Chips contain the finest quality chicken tenderloin and nothing else. There are only two calories per chip so you can feel good about giving your dog a low calorie, high protein snack. Doggie Chicken Chips are not crunchy like a cookie or chewy like a jerky but crispy like a potato chip. They’re dehydrated to lock-in flavor and break apart easily for training. We’ve never seen a dog turn them down!
Available Sizes:
4 oz. | 8 oz. | 16 oz.

& Cheese

These naturally flavored cheesy chips have the same crispy crunch as our original Doggie Chicken Chips but with the added irresistible flavor of cheddar cheese. Still low-calorie and high in protein, Cheesy Doggie Chicken Chips will bring a cheesy smile to your dog’s lips!
Available Sizes:
4 oz.

Sweet Taters

Sweet potatoes are an all-natural, healthy alternative treat for your dog. They are high in fiber and low in fat. Doggie Sweet Taters are high in beta-carotene and minerals that promote good digestive health. Your pet will love this sweet tasting chew!

Available Sizes:
5.06 oz. | 15.7 oz.

Liver Slivers

Doggie Liver Slivers are a crispy single-ingredient treats made with 100% beef liver.  These low-calorie treats are packed with high nutrients and are highly digestible.  Doggie Liver Slivers are gently dehydrated treats loaded with vitamins and minerals and offer that crispy crunchy bite that dogs love.

Available Sizes:
3.4 oz.

Beefy Bites

Doggie Beefy bites are a light and crunchy single-ingredient treat made with 100% beef lung.  These high protein treats offer the low-calorie option dog owners are begging for.  Doggie Beefy Bites are dehydrated treats crafted from highly sought-after organ meat.

Available Sizes:
3 oz.


Susan Sabin

My dogs go crazy for these little chips. My vet gave my little male Havanese one after his visit, and gave another one to me for later. As I was talking to the vet, Houdini reached around and grabbed it. I thought, I better get a bag and take them home. Sure enough my little dogs will do a dance just to get one chip and will come begging for more.

- Susan Sabin

Mike Harris

Found these treats at a shop in St. Augustine while on vacation, our little morkie "Ruffin" absolutely loves these chips and will not eat anything else, from North Carolina keep up the good work.

- Mike Harris

Joann Yoder Bennet

These are the best treat ever! Dogs go crazy for them. We actually call them doggie crack!

- Joann Yoder Bennett

Cathy Rose Rader

What pup DOESN'T love Doggie Chicken Chips!

- Cathy Rose Rader

Judith Yoder

My dog goes crazy for chicken chips. Only treat I give him!!

- Judith Yoder

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