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Kennelmaster Foods, Inc. is a company built on sound principles, human compassion and integrity. We stay focused on the main reason we do what we do; we believe that our pets should have treats that offer a healthy unique snack made with only the best premium ingredients that we can find in the U.S. Our standards never waiver in producing and packaging safe and reliable treats for our pets and yours. We care about our pets just like you, and we understand your concern for your pet’s well being. You can feel confident that our products are consistently unfailing for outstanding freshness and superior quality. We focus on having our treats in independent pet stores and boutiques, groomers and veterinarians who are experts in the pet industry. We marry logic with passion and couldn’t be prouder of the products that we put our stamp of approval on each and every day.

Our Story

Desperate to find a treat that his own severely allergic dogs could enjoy, the originator of Kennelmaster Foods, Inc. began exploring with formulations to create the world’s best doggie treat. Thus, Kennelmaster Foods, Inc. and the original Doggie Chicken Chip was born.

A Short Time Later…

Enter, Vicki and Joann; two sisters who loved selling the Doggie Chicken Chips at their store, Silly Willie’s, a small quaint pet boutique in the sleepy little seaside town of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Vicki learned that the future of Kennelmaster Foods was in jeopardy, so out of fear of losing the Doggie Chicken Chips, a treat that had now become one of the highest selling products in her store second only to dog food, she set out to make the company her own!

Vicki & Joann

who were extremely busy with their own store, weren’t looking to make a career change. They devised a plan wherein they would hire an operations manager to produce enough Doggie Chicken Chips to supply Silly Willie’s and the handful of other accounts that were already on the books. They quickly learned that they were going to need a Plan B. After their first full week of making the Doggie Chicken Chips, they sat down and asked each other the million dollar question, “What have we done?” Because you see … any conceivable catastrophe that could happen, occurred during that first week of operation.

They Endured

long hours of days and nights in an inadequate kitchen with little or no air to cool them against the searing summer sun of Florida. The events took their toll on the girls and they seriously thought about giving true meaning to the term “Throwing in the towel”. However, standing by their beliefs and passion about their product, the girls knew that “Success comes in cans, not cannots” and “quitters never win” so “when the going gets tough the tough get going”! On went the gloves and up went the sleeves … it was GAME ON! Kennelmaster Foods has come a long way since that day. In just a very short time, these two industrious sisters were able to streamline the manufacturing process and get better at doing what they do. Orders were increasing and in less than a year, they had outgrown their facility. After some strategic searching, they discovered the perfect industrial kitchen and distribution facility to fulfill the growing demands.


Kennelmaster Foods is experiencing infinite growth. Vicki and Joann are vitally involved in the day-to-day production and know they will never tire of hearing comments like “Keep those doggie chicken chips coming because my dog won’t eat any other treat”!

What is the shelf life of the Doggie Chicken Chips?

If treated like a potato chip and kept sealed, our Doggie Chicken Chips will last a very long time. They don’t require refrigeration and we recommend that you put them in a tightly sealed container to keep air from getting to them, however, dogs have let us know that they don’t care if chips get soft.

Have the Doggie Chicken Chips been laboratory-tested and analyzed?

Yes. Our products are tested by a private laboratory that is certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

How are the Doggie Chicken Chips cooked?

We dehydrate the Doggie Chicken Chips for a certain period of time. This process locks in all of the natural, healthy nutrients inherent in the chicken.

Have the Doggie Chicken Chips ever been recalled?

Never. Our products are simple, fresh and produced with US-sourced ingredients in the controlled environment of our industrial kitchen in Florida.

Can puppies eat Doggie Chicken Chips?

Puppies come in many different sizes and temperaments. It is important to use your good judgement and understand your puppy. If your puppy is old enough to chew and swallow kibble, then our Doggie Chicken Chips should be fine. Of course, it is always important to watch your puppy when giving a treat to see if he/she is chewing and swallowing properly.

Does Kennelmaster Foods, Inc. sell their Doggie Chicken Chips retail?

No. Our Doggie Chicken Chips are only available directly through your local store. If your local store does not carry them, please contact us with their information and we will contact them for you.

How can I start to sell Doggie Chicken Chips in my store?

That’s easy! Call, email or fill out our retailer form and we’ll get right back to you.

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